Friday, January 13, 2017

My Newest Release - Dragon on a High Hill

My short story A Royally Rotten Red Day has been included in Dragon on a High Hill, a collection of Princess and Dragon Stories
a DyslexiAssist Reader

DyslexiAssist is a new initiative from Knowonder! Publishing that makes reading easier for dyslexics.

You can learn more a their website:

The book is published in a new font which independent research shows 84% of dyslexics read faster, 77% read with fewer mistakes and 76% recommend the font to others who suffer from dyslexia. There is also extra care taken with the font size, spacing between letters in the words, and number of words on a line and the page layout. 

I'm thrilled to part of this new and exciting initiative from Knowonder Publishing!

You can buy the book on Amazon perfect for all families, but especially for children with dyslixia.

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  1. This is a delightful book filled with exciting stories any princess will love. That's why I bought a copy for my princess granddaughter!