Thursday, October 18, 2012

NaNoMo - Trading Blood for Callouses

I have never been able to do the official National Novel Writing Month as I have a seasonal business that keeps me busy through the fall months of October, November and December.

My business--OneWiredWoman makes the rounds of local craft fairs. With the help of copious amounts of caffeine and artistic wire, I will literally wire until my fingers bleed during the fall months.

But this year I am trimming my wiring timetable and I am committing to doing NaNoMo. I expect to still use copious amounts of caffeine, and although my fingers might not bleed, I'm expecting some callouses.

I have done a Fast Draft Class with Candace Havens which is a two week, write until you drop class.
(I highly recommend it and her Revision Hell Class too.)

I have done Savvy Authors Bootcamp in May. But I am excited to be participating in a worldwide event for authors. I have even talked a couple friends into joining me.

And I'm plotting! Yes!  As a confirmed panster I signed up for Todd Stone's Prepping for NaNoMo class with Savvy Authors this month and I have been reading blogs, listening to webinars and chats while walking the fine line of plotting.  You see if I plot too much I don't want to write the story.  My subconscious says "Why write it?  You know what happens."  But I know I won't have time to mull around what happens next so I'm working on figuring out some of the major plot points while not going too deep with the plotting.

Another tool I plan to use.  Free writes.  Remember those? Old-fashioned pen to paper, a timer, and a prompt. They are very freeing, very creative and words fly!  So if I get stuck I plan on free writing, using prompts applicable to what comes next or character interviews, dialogue between characters, etc.  I don't expect all of the free writes to make it into the manuscript. Maybe a few tidbits, nuggets of gold will end up on the page, but you never know.  At least, it may keep me from staring at a blank screen and/or running to the fridge or wine cabinet. LOL.

I'm looking forward to the camaraderie, the pep talks, the challenge and the creativity of NaNoMo. Maybe you'll join me, spwriter500 on the NaNoMo website.

As always feel free to comment and share.