Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Single Dream Can Launch the Journey

Today, I liked to welcome to my blog, fellow Prism Book Group author, Jewell Tweedt.
She was born and raised in Omaha, the setting for her Nebraska Brides series. She divides her time between writing, teaching American History, and grading papers. Lots of papers.

I've invited Jewell to share with us her writerly inspiration, humor and camaraderie as well as sharing her news of her new release A Bride for the Sheriff.

Tell us, what inspires you, Jewell.

Thank you Suzanne for hosting me today. As a new Prism Book Group author I am excited to announce my book A Bride for the Sheriff released  November 5th. 

I'd like to say I can't believe this is happening so fast but it's not. Actually, I wrote 
the first draft of this story 20 years ago. It sat under my bed through a serious illness, four job changes, a new house, post-graduate work, and  a hectic job as a middle school teacher. 
From time to time I'd pull it out, dust it off and read through it. Finally, four summers ago I decided life was passing too quickly not to go after my dream and I began to submit it to publishers. 

Three rewrites (okay maybe more like 9) later, it is finally available for readers to  enjoy. 
My inspiration through it all has been strong faith, and the following quote. . . 
"A single dream can launch the journey of a lifetime."

I love this quote, and most of my blog posts here deal with the crazy, and sometimes lonely journey following a writerly path.  Share with us some of the writerly camaraderie you've experienced along the way. 

Being a writer is a solitary endeavor so whenever I can connect with other writers I do. I belong to The Romance Authors of the Heartland in Omaha, Nebraska and we meet once a month to share encouragement and a few laughs. From this group, I've learned that failure is only when you give up

I also learned to celebrate rejection letters. Those letters mean I am practicing my craft. The camaraderie is so important that even when I can't make a meeting I'll still keep in touch with the other members.

And for a touch of Jewell's humor here's an excerpt from A Bride for the Sheriff

    “Now it’s beginning to make sense. Why, you’re just a little sharpshooter,” Tom said.
    Claire sidled up to him and hugged him close. “What better qualifications for the wife of a sheriff to have. We’ll be a terrific team.” 

Here'a a bit about Jewell's new release A Bride for the Sheriff

Claire Secord is a prim school teacher whose life changes when she moves to the wild town of  Omaha. Her secret- she's a sharpshooter. But will her skills with a pistol be enough to save her when she is kidnapped to become a thug's 'mail-order' bride? 

Sounds intriguing. Thanks so much for sharing a little of your writerly humor, camaraderie, and inspiration. Good luck with your new release.

You can learn more and where to buy at Jewel's blog:

As always, feel free to comment or ask Jewell a question.