Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Millipede Steps to Branding

My path to publication has been accomplished one baby step at a time. And I am still inching my way along.

But my path to "branding" is likely to occur in steps so tiny, I will need a microscope to measure them.

For one thing, I am not a sales person by nature. I am an introverted hermit. This is why I enjoy writing, alone. At the computer. In my pajamas.

For another, I have never been able to "toot" my own horn, no matter what my level of accomplishment. I know, self-esteem issues.

But lately all the craft workshops, chats, conferences, and writer's loops are a-buzz with "promotion" and "branding". Even the would-be author is supposed to be spending time on social media promoting themselves. And "branding"? I've never liked that word, reminds me of the poor cows getting fire-hot metal pressed into their flesh. I had better get over that visual, or I'll never be as recognizable as McDonalds.

But in my efforts to embrace the writing journey, I am taking teeny, tiny millipede steps toward author promotion.

Yesterday, I had my first public appearance as a published author - a school visit, reading my work to a very tough audience - 17 kindergarteners. Despite my nerves and promises to myself beforehand that "I would never, ever commit to such a thing again", the visit went well. The kids seemed to have fun. They laughed when they were supposed to. They asked so many questions. And they even asked me to come back.

So to any of you as afraid to do promotion as I am, it can be done, one eensy, teensy step at a time.

Feel free to comment on any of your promotion steps big or little.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let the Celebrating Begin

It may seem like the time for celebrations is over but this month has a host of bizarre and wacky days and ways that beg to be marked in some way or another. If not with a party at least with a little laugh and cup of hot tea, since

January is HOT TEA MONTH.

Or you can cook up a pot of soup because it is also National Soup Month.

You can also have a bowl of oatmeal to celebrate National Oatmeal Month.

Do you see the trend of warm, soothing comfort foods, for the coldest month of the year?

But today - January 19th - a popping good day as it is National Popcorn Day.

Tomorrow go find a penguin and hug it.

There you have Penguin Awareness Day and National Hugging Day all taken care of. If you can’t find a penguin you could always catch a squirrel. January 21st is also Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Next Monday, January 23rd, be sure to celebrate with a delicious pie and measure your feet while you’re at it. Yes, you read that correctly,
National Pie Day and Measure Your Feet Day on the same day.

On the 24th be kind and compliment someone (Compliment Day). And on the 25th do the opposite for (Opposite day.)

January 27th is a tried and true favorite -- Chocolate Cake Day.

January 28th give a toot on National Kazoo Day.

January 29th is National Corn Chip Day - break out the Tostitos or Fritos.

And on the 31st - Yad drawkcaB. That’s Backward Day. I was just practicing.

So have fun celebrating for the remainder of the month.

Feel free to comment on any unique ways or holidays you celebrate.