Monday, August 29, 2016

Writers Boot Camp

Another fantastic Writer's Boot Camp is about to begin at Lawson Writer's Academy.
It's a supportive group of writers setting goals, working toward goals and sharing tons of writerly information all of us has gleaned through our journeys.

The best part is the Critique Cafe where you can post pages (up to 10 pages at at time, throughout the month) and get a critique from me and others.

You can post pages from your work in progress that is giving you fits :-), your query, your synopsis whatever you're looking for a critique on.

Here's the link.

Sept. 1 - Sept 30;  Fee: $50

More information:

Revision Boot Camp or Revision Retreat: You Decide
You’ve got that first draft done or almost done. Or maybe you’re on your 2nd, 3rd, or LAST revision and you’re working toward the finish line.

You’re ready for REVISION BOOTCAMP.

Sign up.

Get your marching orders.

Working with other recruits attack your revisions.

Or. . .

 Maybe you’re looking for a REVISION RETREAT.

Sign up and escape.

Be inspired to increase your creativity and productivity.

Engage with other creative souls and watch your revision dreams soar.

You decide.Revision Boot Camp or Revision Retreat.

Whichever you choose, be ready for daily support, accountability, check-ins, revision lessons, plenty of camaraderie, inspiration, and productivity. No more writer’s solitary confinement.

Set GOALS. For the month, the week, the day. And then. . .


Novel, short stories, query, synopsis. Your choice. Your goals.

And you can. . .

Visit our virtual Coffee Shop to share accomplishments.
Sit down with a virtual latte. Share your gold star accomplishments, including daily goals achieved, contest entries, contest wins, agent submissions and signings, publications, etc. Join your classmates for a cup o joe and cheer each other’s big and small wins which can spur your own goals and ideas.

 Visit our Martini Mind Bar to brainstorm.

Order a virtual martini. Throw out your questions to your bar mates and brainstorm. Hop onto a stool, share a drink, and help out a writer in need. Creativity feeds creativity.

Visit our Wine Bar to . . .  well . . . whine.

Having a bad day? Not meeting your goals? Your mother-in-law showed up and she’s eating into your revision time?

Sit down, relax, order a chardonnay and whine. Rants are welcome too. No judgment. Grab a glass of merlot and commiserate.

 Visit our Critique Cafe to get help.

Do you have a description that you fear may be too flowery?

Have some dialogue you want to run by someone else’s ear?

Are you re-writing and re-writing and re-writing the same page? Maybe the first page? To help you move on, pop in, order a virtual sandwich, and post a piece of your work for a critique from me and your fellow classmates.

As a critique buddy, come on in and offer a fresh set of eyes. Just remember the Critiquing Golden Rule: critique how you’d like to be critiqued, fair and honest and kind.

So what are you waiting for. Sign up.

Become inspired to focus on your writing and revision.

To commit. To prioritize. To accomplish more. 

Thirty days filled with writing support, camaraderie, and learning, all to ensure your writing and revision goals become a reality.

Start Date:  Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Cost: 50(USD)

Here's what Margie Lawson has to say. . .

Revision Boot Camp gets your butt in the chair. . . gets you setting writing goals, gets you accomplishing goals and strengthens your revision skills too with the added bonus of support, camaraderie with other writers, and best of all knowledgeable critique.

You can work on new work, plotting, revision, synopsis, query letter whatever your writing goals.

The support and encouragement and shared knowledge is amazing.

Taught by 2-time Immersion-Grad Suzanne Purvis!

WHAT'S THE BUZZ? Here's what others are saying

-- The crit cafe was invaluable. All the knowledge shared too. Fab fab fab.

-- A great supportive environment to share your weekly goals and achievements .

-- A place to spark ideas and discover new resources, plus a forum for giving and receiving feedback on problem areas in your WIP.

-- Suzanne provides excellent tips and links to other resources, and superb critiques, advice and support for everyone in class.

-- I loved getting to read the others work and critique. I really felt valued as a writer.

-- The four week course paired fun and camaraderie with productive learning and writing.

-- High level of craft understanding. Supportive and encouraging.

-- Best bootcamp ever. Suzanne guided, chivvied, encouraged us to go after our goals. The camp exceeded my expectations. I hit my goals and then some!

Sept. 1 - 30

Hope you'll join us.