Friday, May 26, 2017

When the Characters Won't Leave You Alone

Welcome Sandra Tilley and her sometimes outspoken characters in her newest novel, The Ghost and Mrs. Miller published with The Wild Rose Press. 

Here to tell us a little about the journey to publication and her characters that wouldn't leave her alone is Sandra Tilley, creator of her characters Libby Miller, her ghostly husband Neil, and their good friend, Eli.

POP the top and fill the glasses! It's RELEASE DAY for


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Libby Miller never expected to celebrate her nineteenth wedding anniversary with a ghost. Nor did she ever expect to catch her husband Neil cheating with his assistant or his BMW flipping over an overpass or his ghost showing up in her dining room. Neil’s ever-present spirit prevents Libby from grieving, and his meddling ethereal presence poisons any attempts to forgive his infidelity. Adding to her anxiety are two men from her past—both of whom want a second chance. In her struggle to build a new life, Libby discovers forgiveness and friendship and passion. And a fondness for lost souls.

Libby: As the protagonist in the Ghost and Mrs. Miller, I'd like to thank our creator, friend, and author, Sandra Tilley.

Sandra Tilley:  Thank you, Libby. And many thanks to all my characters. It's been an amazing journey.

Neil:  An amazing and LONG journey.

Libby:  Kind of like our marriage. But I digress… Besides, you're a ghost. You have no matter. We're the ones squashed into her head for eight years.

Neil:  I may not occupy space, but I was trapped inside her brain with the rest of you. 

Eli:  As spokesman for the rest of the characters, we're all glad to be out. Hard to be cooped up, even with your best buds, right Neil?

Jesse:  Hey, man, don't speak for me--

Sandra Tilley:  Guys, I apologize for taking so long to get you onto the page and your story out into the world. But writing takes time. 

Libby:  We know. There's editing and revision…

Neil:  And more editing and revision.

Jesse:  Don't forget her leaving us in a dark file for a year.

Eli:  Awww, guys. Quit with the hard time. It's not like she didn't have other projects.

Sandra Tilley:  Eli, always the gentleman.

Jesse:  Always a kiss up.

Neil:  I'm a gentleman, too. I just choose not to steal someone's family.

Libby:  It's not stealing if someone throws it away.

Sandra Tilley:  Hold on, guys. Let the readers decide who's throwing and who's stealing. This is a happy day. MY happy day! 

Thank you, Suzanne, for hosting me and my characters on your blog today. Release day, finally. I think I speak for all of us when I say WHEW.  It feels good to put their story out there. It's a story of second chances. It's a story of reconciliation. It's a story of life. 

I'm thrilled you and your characters stopped by. Be sure to check out Sandra's newest release and you can connect with her here at Like her on Facebook Follow her on Twitter

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If you have any questions for Sandra feel free to comment and/or share your experience with those characters that just won't leave you alone.