Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Curvy, Swerving Journey

I wish I had learned years ago that the path to a goal is seldom a straight line.
I was mistakenly under the impression that it was and whenever I was forced off the road to my goal, I would fall prey to feelings of failure. And those feelings quickly led to “What’s the Use.”

But over the years I have come to embrace the far more realistic expressions

“it is the journey not the destination” and “enjoy the process”.

Of course this is not always easy, but the connection with other writers has helped me to learn the value of the curvy, swervy road. By reading blogs, participating in loops and forums, joining chats, and committing to numerous online classes, and even a couple real-time in person classes, I have learned that very few of us enjoy a straight line path to our goal.

Ten years ago attempted to write and publish, but I was quickly derailed. And my many previous attempts at weight loss have always focused on getting to the goal weight, never enjoying the process.

But with all the support, knowledge and help that is available at the touch of the keyboard, any time day or night I no longer feel alone or like a complete failure. Reading and connecting with others who are struggling and succeeding one day, one moment, or one line at a time reminds me that is all that I have to do. And in doing so I have learned to accept that each swerve or curve in my road to my goals offers opportunities -- for growth, for change, and for more learning.

I set out a year and a half ago to write and then get published a romance that had been simmering in my mind. The path I embarked upon has been anything but straight. But instead of giving up with all bumping, winding, curving, and twisting I accepted that this was my road. Each time I felt thrown off course, which was often, I checked in with what was and wasn’t working, listened to my creativity and now have three children’s fiction stories published. Talk about going off course, but who is to say. My road may yet lead to a romance published, but if not, that is okay.

So thank you, for your blogs, emails, forums, chats, and online support, because without them I might not have accepted the roller-coaster ride my journey has become.

Feel free to weigh in on the path that is your journey or the process you are embracing as you work toward your goals.


  1. Suzanne,
    You are absolutely right when you say, "By reading blogs . . . .very few of us enjoy a straight line path to our goal." It's exactly how I feel. I think I've gone off the curve a time too many both with writing and weight loss, or 'healthy living,' as I'm trying to think of it now. I've started Julia Cameron's "The Write Diet" several times to combine the two, but have even been derailed there. So yes, without the internet and sometimes personal emails from writing friends I know from blogs, loops, forums, workshops, chats, I truly do not believe I'd still be harboring this dream.

    Thank you for posting about your curvy journey. And congratulations on your publications. I, too, sometimes wonder if I'll ever publish a romance, but unlike you, I haven't come to terms yet with publishing something different, even if what I write isn't always romance.

  2. Thanks for your comments Julie. Hang it there with your writing. I have read other writers comment that they NEED it write. More and more I am coming to that conclusion. The outlet of creativity is what keeps me happier, healthier and some days just sane.

  3. Wanted to swing by and say, nice to meet you through the Book Lovers Blog Hop. Keep up the writing and know we are all on a journey when it comes to our personal writing.

  4. Gosh! How many books have I written to chapter 6 and decided they were GARBAGE? Too darn many. Good news is all the twists & turns of writing books that will never be finished has led me to my current WIP which has a first draft completed. Long story short - the journey is well worth it if you're learning along the way.
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently_Abled Writer

  5. Hi Suzanne,
    Your post is so relatable! I've been at it for over 20 years now. I've been published a few times on the internet but am now trying to get my first PB published. I know the feeling of "what's the use, I may as well give up" all too well. But I keep plugging away at it. It is a curvy, jerky road, isn't it? Never give up on your dreams! Good luck to you!