Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make a plan... Select a Path... Pick a Goal

Sounds so ominous.   So permanent.   So much work.  
        Okay hear me out.  So you’re undecided, or maybe you have decided on your career, college, major, etc.   Either way a plan is necessary, and anyone who has made one will tell you, it takes some of the pressure off.  And less pressure is a good thing.  Really, it’s not that scary.   You do it everyday.  
        Example: you want to hang out with friends.  You first decide  “Hey I want to hang out.”.  Then you text.  Then you decided where to hang.  Then decide how you’ll get there.  Drive (borrow car, mom drives - yuck), walk (Ha Ha), bus (Go Green).  Lots of decisions made there. 
       The only reason the bigger plan like career, college or courses seems to be harder is because you’re afraid you’ll pick wrong.  Yikes.  I’ll be a dental hygienist for the rest of my life, and I’ll become bulimic if I have to look into another mouth.
       It’s not that drastic.  Your plan will not be written in indelible ink on your forehead, unless you want it to be.  Think of the plan as more like a guideline, a possibility.  
       Back to the example:  you decide on the place to hang out with friends.  You go to the mall.  You get there and only one other person shows up.  Not so great, unless it’s the guy you’re secretly crushing on, but even then it’s awkward.  So you text some more and find out the movies is where people are.  You hop in a car (hopefully you don’t have to call mom back), get on a bus (Go Green) or walk (Ha Ha) with your crush to the movies.  Not so hard.  A little more work but it’ll be better when you get there.
      That’s how you can look at your plan for college, career or your major.  Sometimes it’s better just to pick one.  Of course, if you’ve been following the blog I hope you’re exploring lots of options, but go ahead, select the one that appeals to you the most.  Remember it’s not tattooed on your low back, unless you want it to be.  Don’t even worry who the plan will appeal to or offend, teachers, guidance counselor, parents, grandparents, or friends.  More about that later.  Just pick one. I guarantee once you select something will feel so much better. 
      If you have two, or even three ideas in mind that’s okay.  You can pick all three. 

      Back to example:  you didn’t know if you would go to mall, the movies, or somewhere to eat, when you started out but most likely you had to get in the car (with mom), take the bus (Go Green) or walk (Ha Ha).  Then when you got there, looked around, you changed your plan.  And got back on the bus (Go Green).  But at least you’re out of the house.  Do you see?
      So for now....  make a plan, select a path, pick a goal, or two or three.

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