Monday, March 7, 2011

Do what you love...

I’m sure you’ve heard this more than once  in regards to choosing your all important career.
        Sweet.  I love to play X-box, hang out with friends, eat and sleep late.
        When you find that job let me know, I’ll apply.  
        Not many careers offer that job description.  For those of you creative enough, you may find this job and hopefully it pays enough to keep the electricity on for your X-box.
        For the rest of us doing what you love is an anomaly.  It simply doesn’t apply to most jobs or for most people.  
        Let’s take a look at that coveted Medical Doctor career that so many of you entering college seek.  So using the phrase above, do what you love means.... that many of you, who want to be doctors, would love to spend time with up to twenty to thirty sick or in pain people everyday.  Deal with disease and death most of the time.  Battle insurance, malpractice, and governmental health care policies.  Hard to find what’s to love in that job. 
        So let’s revamp the saying.  Instead of do what you love, let’s try... 
        do what you like.  Well, that’s not much different from the love.  
        How about... do what doesn’t fill you with dread every morning when the alarm goes off.  Getting better.  
        How about...  do what you would be willing to do at least eight hours a day, five days a week and hopefully get paid enough to pay for the pizza you plan to order when your friends come over.   Now we’re getting warmer.
        Seriously though, there aren’t many people that say they LOVE THEIR JOB, and are being completely truthful.  So what’s the answer.     
        Someone entering college told me he was looking for a job that pays well enough so he could do all kinds of fun things on the weekend.  A job that doesn’t leave him so stressed out he can’t enjoy those fun weekends.  A job with enough vacation time to travel and do other cool things.  Sounds like the right idea to me.  And if you could have more days off, longer vacations, and the big bucks it could be the perfect job. 

       Something to think about next time someone say  “oh just do what you love.” 

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