Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bet I Know What's On Your Bucket List

Up until recently I was too busy raising kids to worry about a bucket list.  Maybe I was too young (I can only hope) thinking I had plenty of time to do all those things that would make my someday list.  

But time does march on, my kids are almost grown so... I made the list.
The Bucket List was made popular by the movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Loved the movie!  The idea of dying and hurrying to do all the things on my list - not loving so much. 
But the thing that got me writing down an actual bucket list was my latest attempts to embrace minimalism, which if you knew me is almost laughable, but... I do want to acquire less stuff.  Getting rid of stuff, still not so easy.  So I decided instead of my husband and children buying me more stuff for my birthday, mother’s day, anniversaries I thought why not cross things off my bucket list.
So how did I make my bucket list?  With the help of The Amazing Race of course. Love that show. Seeing the world and doing all those zany things and with a partner. My partner in crime would have to be my husband, probably the only one who would put up with my controlling, emotional nature, although I don’t think I would be as bad as Rachel (aka Big Brother chick) from last season, at least I hope not.  

But I soon realized my chances of getting on The Amazing Race, and my real desire to do so (can you say jet lag, lugging around that back pack, running...) was dropping to nil. Still... I really wanted to partake in some of those cool events. My bucket list was born.
A lot of people have travel to exotic locales on their bucket list but for me it was the adventurous stunts that peaked my excitement.  So...
On my Wedding anniversary we went parasailing.
On my Birthday we went zip lining.

On Mother’s Day we enjoyed a helicopter ride.

Another Anniversary we tried Aqua Chi (no dare devil stunt there - it is a foot soak)
Still on my bucket list:
Jet skiing -  White Water Rafting - Horseback Riding on the Beach
Bungee jumping - this freaks me out somewhat, I would only do this over water
Sky Diving - maybe
Even though you may not see anything on my list that appeals to you I bet there is one item most of us share.
Writing a Novel  
And then of course having our novel published.
Some of you have accomplished this and big congrats, others of us still working our way to crossing this one off.
But whether your bucket list is tame or adventurous here’s to continuously adding to your list because when I cross off all my items... then what -- death?
So feel free to comment on your novel, your bucket list or anything else.


  1. I agree--you gotta keep adding or it's...you know...the end.
    Top of my bucket list is definitely publishing a novel. Want to see my name of the cover and hold it in my hands.

  2. Ah, so a real book - not just digital. It will come and then a trilogy and a series...
    Thanks for stopping by. And good luck.

  3. I, too, started an informal bucket list after I hit a certain birthday. I've done the ziplining and had already done the parasailing, but white water rafting on your list sounds really good to me.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the bucket list. I'm sure I'll have to post when I get to do the white water rafting.LOL.

  5. I have always found life an adventure. I've parasailed, snowboarded (started it in the eighties when I was the only person over twenty five in the class), boated and many more things. My goal or bucket list is to stay healthy to continue doing all these things as I grow old. One of bucket list will come true this month. My first cover is suppose to be out on the 25th from my publisher. I'm holding my breathe in anticipation. So exciting.

    1. Wow! Full of adventure and a cover! Fantastic! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Suzanne, I can't complain of a dull life. One thing on my bucket list is to cross the Pacific Ocean to Japan on a working ship which takes on maybe seven passengers. Then, flying on to China to catch the Trans Serbian RR to Moscow with a friend who is an M.D. She'll fly back to her hubby from Moscow. I'll see Museums and then take the train to St. Petersburg (Leningrad) to hook up for the Heritage Museum. Then, go home by air.

    The books will come if I keep trying. jean

    1. Oh my gosh, sounds so exciting and adventurous. You put my list to shame. Have fun and keep writing. Thanks for stopping by.