Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's Get Productive

More, and more, writers are having to produce.  I mean really produce.  Lots, and lots, and lots, of words all strung together in meaningful, emotional, marketable sentences, paragraphs, chapters, all culminating into the next must-read book, in the next must-read series.

Agent Rachelle Gardner’s Blog last week How to Make a Living as a Writer, Part One was all about Volume.  And I quote,
"The writers who are doing it full time are able to do it because they have a large volume of product out there..."
So more than ever we must sit our butts in the chair and produce.  
                                      Here are 16  tips to help you do just that.  
Many you probably know, but here there once again, as a reminder to get those words down.
  1. Set goals.  Not just the once year goals, or monthly but every day identify want it is you want to accomplish today.  Write it down and stick to it.   
  2. Time yourself.  Decide on a specific time for yourself to sit and write, say 30 minutes and set a timer and off you go.  After the set time rest a bit. Then set the timer again and go.
  3. Don’t check email during work times.  It pulls you into a non-action mood.
  4. Turn off the social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, everything and focus on the page.
  5. Get a motivation buddy.  Some one who is on your side spurring you on to make your goals a reality.
  6. Track yourself, either by crossing off your daily goals, charts of time spent writing, etc.
  7. Make yourself accountable to someone else, your motivation buddy, your writing or critique group and post it each day to your buddy or group.
  8. Get up and move.  Get the blood circulating and pumping to your brain. Stretch. Jog in place.  Do push ups. Downward facing dog.
  9. Create everyday.
  10. Wake up early.
  11. Realize it will never be perfect.  But it can be great.
  12. Identify and face any fears that may be getting in the way.
  13. Become mindful especially of time wasters.
  14. Give yourself a break.
  15. Then just do it.
  16. And finally Reward yourself. Have a list of fun-to-you rewards. Not just big ones for when the book sells, but little ones for tasks accomplished weekly, monthly whatever you need.  After all when the book sells then we’ll party
                     Feel Free comment and/or post any other productivity enhancing ideas.


  1. Thanks for sharing your tips Rachelle. And you're right, it never hurts to get a reminder. I love lists. Write it down, do it & cross it off. It keeps me focused. Have a great evening!

    1. I agree, I love lists too. I have even been known to write them after the fact just so I can cross off all the things I accomplished. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Excellent advice, Suzanne. I've been thinking about doing a similar post :)

    1. You know what they say, "Great minds think alike." Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I am not able to write full-time yet but these are great tips. When I'm able to be a full-time writer I will keep them in mind. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I don't write yet full-time either but I use a lot of these for my day-to-day activities as well. Here's to you writing full-time soon.

  4. I have been using a timer lately, and it has helped keep me focused. It also reminds me to get up and move around in between thirty minute sessions.

    I use a book-style daily calendar and have for several years. It helps me keep track of what I need to do each day (and I do love crossing things off.) I also make notes in it when something happened (like I sent off a synopsis to my agent) or when I need to follow up on something. I give myself a heads up a week early if I need to write a blog, etc. I've found it has really helped me be productive and focused.


    1. That's a great idea to use the timer to get up and move. And I love the idea of the book calendar to keep track of submissions. I have been playing with spreadsheets and other charts for this, but your idea seems nice and easy, and will be around for at least a year. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Great reminder and advice, I sometimes forget to get up and move.

    1. I hear ya, and then my butt is sore and my legs hardly work LOL.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Great advice, especially timely for Savvy Boot Camp!I'm going to steer the team over to take a look.
    Deb Mc.

    1. Thanks so much Deb. I did the bootcamp last year and enjoyed it immensely.