Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tempting Tasty Tuesday - Etoufee

It was hard to top my last blog entry, the interview with multi-published author Jillian Chantal and my bloggy-muse completely shut down.  So in order to get past this speed bump, (ah this might be another blog spot - speed bumps - coming out of nowhere.)

I got the inspiration from another blogger to post Tempting Tasty Tuesday Recipes.
Now I am not much of a cook.  In fact, my husband has always done most of the cooking in our 26 year marriage.  
Yes, I know I am lucky, but I did pick him, only one of the many reason, so I give myself some credit.  
And I do come from a family where now, my dad in his semi-retirement does all the cooking.  But I am double-blessed because my son takes after his dad and Grandad.  So even though my husband travels more now and is actually away this week, my teenage son cooks!  

All I have to do is provide the grocery essentials.  Which believe me, I do not mind.  I will even clean up the mess, instead of having to worry about putting a meal on the table.
Still I do have to dabble in the kitchen sometimes and if I do, I love the crock pot, or slow cooker.  I put everything in, during my more ambitious hours, the morning, and viola` by dinnertime a meal. 
I have even impressed friends with my can opening abilities and culinary creativity.  Soups are my speciality.  So here is my favorite Southern, not too far from me, New Orleans specialty, easy, tempting-tasty Etoufee.

Using Your Slow Cooker, preferably before noon.
Sautee in olive oil chopped onion, bell pepper, garlic and parsley (dried or fresh, either is okay with me).  Once this smells wonderful and looks cooked enough.  Put in that wonderful invention the crock pot. (almost impossible to burn anything)
Open 2 cans Campbell’s Golden Mushroom Soup and add to Crock Pot.
Open 1 can Rotel diced tomatoes, not drained, you get to pick the “hotness”  I use “mild”
Open 1 can tomato sauce, small can
Then for the meat:  
cut up some polish kielbasa, sometimes I use turkey sausage
1 can or frozen shrimp
1 can of nice white chicken meat, drained
1 can of crabmeat, drained or Walmart’s frozen crawfish for more authenticity
I have been known to add a can of corn, or even creamed corn just because I like corn.
Cook on low heat most of the day.  Serve over rice.
If you have any fast, tempting tasty recipes feel free to share or comment on cooking.


  1. I'm not a fish eater but I might serve this up for my husband who is. Thanks, Marian

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I don't count shrimp as fish and the crawfish isn't too fishy either. Good luck. I hope your husband likes it.

  2. Your recipe sounds delish! And I'm still laughing at your highly developed can-opening skill. The crock pot is our friend!

    1. You wouldn't believe what I can create with some cans, the crock pot and the can opener. I have had friends ask for the recipe and I have to kind of remember which cans I added.

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  5. My mom's recipe is a family secret, so, sorry, can't share that one.
    I can share this one, buy Zatarain's Etoufee mix. It's the closest to Mom's I've found, very good and spicy. I add shrimp -- I live where crawfish is fish bait, not something you eat.
    Zatarain's also has a good gumbo mix.


  6. I love almost everything Zatarain's. Thanks for sharing what you could. But I am intrigued by your mom's recipe.

  7. YUM! Love easy AND the Big Easy. New Orleans is one of my fav places and I open a pretty mean can, too. I'm going to try this one.

    1. I love New Orleans too. Thanks for stopping by and if you like things a little spicier you can add some Cajun seasoning to the pot.