Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sluggish Metabolism and Sleepy Muse

I know that to reach my two goals of being published and being at my wedding weight, I’m going to have to be disciplined. Saying NO to addictive (to me) carbs and NO to (watching the food channel) makes me soooooo hungry (go figure). I also know that if I keep doing certain positive behaviors, like getting on that treadmill every day. Like writing some new and fresh writing everyday, that after 21 days (or so) the positive behavior should become a positive habit.

So has this been happening for me? In some ways -- yes. But some days, getting on that treadmill is just as hard as day one. And facing the keyboard and my WIP is even harder than the first day.
So I have a developed a Plan B. Mix it up. Change things around.
Write in the evenings instead of first thing in the morning some days. Walk outside instead of on the treadmill some days. Try yoga. Write at the library. You get the idea.

But nowhere does my lifestyle require mixing it up more than my diet.

My body is extremely adaptive. I blame my ancestors for this. I can try to tell myself that it is a good thing my body can sustain itself on less calories than most. I would have survived the famines of yesteryear. But today, there is no famine. And this ability of my body to adapt and live on less is not so welcome.
So, when the scale gets stuck -- Plan B. I mix up the number of calories I have on different days. I mix up the types of foods I eat on certain days. I even mix up the times I eat. I know I need to keep my metabolism guessing.

And I have found that I need to keep my writing motivation and my muse guessing too. Instead of working away on first draft for months until completed. Or revisions for weeks until I know the text by heart, I now mix it up. A little of this, a little of that. Some revision today. Some first draft. Some plotting on a new idea. How about a little work on a short story? I know other writers who play with different genres to keep the motivation from stagnating and muse from hiding.

Now I don’t let this mixing it up stall me into never finishing anything. As I get close to completion I will put the other projects aside and finish. I enjoy that sense of completion, even if it’s just one step of a project. But then when I am done with that step, or get stuck, Plan B - mix it up again.

My Plan B may not work for everyone, but it seems to be working for both my weight loss and my writing.

How about you? Do you mix it up and how?


  1. I'm very addicted to structure, so this post is probably "good" for me the way broccoli is good for me.

    I don't usually work on more than one project at a time, but maybe I'll try yutzing with different WIP in the same day. Hopefully I don't mix up my autobiographical humor with my serial killer fiction ;)

    Also, as much as we all need to live a more healthy lifestyle, your husband didn't marry your weight. He married you. It's so hard, esp for women, to be "okay" with their weight, but for me accomplishing that goal eventually led to weight loss. Go figure.

  2. Wow Suzanne! Do I hear you. I am the same way with the genetics and have the same goals! Published and wedding dress (by my anniversary). My third year trying. The only way I can lose weight is to literally workout two hours a day, busting my buns. We can cheer each other on! Good Luck!

    As far as mixing it up, everyday seems to be a mix up for me lately, but unintentional! Hah! Maybe it will end up being the best thing but I usually go for schedule. I regress back to school schedules and set up my day by the 'class' hour. It gives me variety every hour or two. It works when I stick to it!